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I wish I had met Lynn Kogelmann when I was in Peru, going through a difficult time as we landed with our 12 and 7 years old children.   Shortly after arriving, we quickly realized the school we’d chosen for our children had nothing in the way of an integration policy. Bullying and discrimination were […]

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I consider myself lucky because my husband’s work (the main reason why I have been living abroad for almost thirty years) brings me close to a wide community of people from all walks of life. Wherever I have lived, I have easily made connections with a great variety of individuals and families. Fortunately, the mission […]

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We have decided to publish the story of Elsabie because it has been a great opportunity for Claudia, while she was living in Peru, to test her ability to empathise with a person who had nothing whatsoever to do with Claudia’s life, values and principles, and who was considered a criminal and an outcast from […]

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Thierry Barrigue is a French cartoonist, co-founder of the satirical magazine Vigousse, launched in 2009, and creator of a beautiful project called “CrayonSolidaires“ (Solidary Crayons). He was recently in Jerusalem to present it, and it is there that our colleague Alessandra Perini had the chance to interview him. We practice Linguistic Empathy. We count on […]

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“Now, as then, we must value the humanities even in the midst of conflict and division. Only through the humanities can we prepare leaders of empathy, imagination, and understanding—responsive and responsible leaders who embrace complexity and diversity. Our institutions must also play a leadership role by making the treasures of the humanities widely available. It […]

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