…. to bring hope to the world


... to bring hope to the world

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Lucio Cascavilla

Three stories from Sierra Leone in a graphic novel by Lucio Cascavilla

Living abroad offers us opportunities to be in contact with unfamiliar cultures and to listen to life stories far removed from ours. I believe that “telling” is one of our duties when we encounter stories of people who have no voice, stories that could slip by us silently. One of the most important tools of […]

This is how we can create diversity

We are so happy to publish Luz Restrepo’s presentation to the Human Library of Expatclic. Her story and experiences are such an example of how we can become real advocates of what we strongly believe must be done to make this world a better place.   I was born in Colombia, and have lived in […]

IT classroom in Guinea Mikey Lukanovski

How building an IT classroom in Guinea taught me empathy

Mikey Lukanowski is a UK based Software Engineer with a strong passion for helping those in need. He has been involved with a local charity called Urbond where he undertakes various projects with the most recent being building and equipping an IT classroom in Guinea, Africa. As a passion project, Mikey runs his own fitness blog called Workoutcave: […]

empaty across borders

Empathy across borders: the war in Ukraine seen from Romania

In these days of great sadness for what is happening in Ukraine, hope shines through the strength of empathy and solidarity, which crosses borders and reaches right into the heart of war. Romania, where I currently live, is the main gateway for refugees from Ukraine to Europe, as is Poland. From this observation point I […]

Lessons I learned from the Maasai

We are grateful to Stephanie Fuchs for allowing us to transcribe part of her presentation to the Expatclic’s Human Library. The biggest lesson I learned from living with the Maasai is that there are different ways of living. There is no ultimate truth and it’s very important to be openminded because my “right or wrong” […]

commitment to the most fragile ones

My commitment to the most fragile ones

We are grateful to Simona Carobene for allowing us to transcribe part of her presentation to the Expatclic’s Human Library. Hers is a truly exemplary story of how empathy, love, attention, and commitment to the most fragile ones can lead to great results. In Milan, I earned a degree in pedagogy. After working for 7 […]

Diversity: The true wealth of our world

We are grateful to Valentina Aristodemo for allowing us to transcribe part of her presentation to the Expatclic’s Human Library. We have chosen Valentina as one of the 33 human books to introduce to our community, because her story, and the message it conveys, are a clear illustration of the power of diversity.   I […]

An Expat South of the World

In this article Claudia reflects on the differences between being an expat south or north of the world.   When I left Indonesia in May 2018, I knew I was not only saying goodbye to the country but to a whole period of my life, spent mostly in the southern part of the world. From […]

A photo exhibition and emotional connections abroad

Luca Bonacini is a very dear friend of mine, and of Expatclic. A longtime expat, professional photographer, father of two beautiful young men, in his experiences abroad, Luca fixes his lens on situations related to the countries he gradually discovers. In particular, he keeps an eye on social issues, suffering and inequalities. Presently Luca lives […]

Digital Ritual in Quiet Isolation

Covid-19 is affecting not only individuals, but also entire communities. Life is changing while we are adapting to new social rules. Are we completely aware of the effects on our existence? With a poetic narrative, Adam introduces us to a personal reflection on his own experience as an ex-pat in those Covid times in the […]

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