Another voice

An amazing group of women came together two years ago to take a stand in front of the deteriorating situation in Israel and Palestine.


barbed wire and flowers

all rights reserved © Cristina Baldan

They are Israeli, Palestinian, expats of different nationalities, religions and ethnic backgrounds. In the blog they have created to give voice to their desire for peace, they do not attach importance to where they come from or to which religion they subscribe. They are united by the strong desire to give their contribution to peace and hope.

In their posts, they talk about every day life in a divided country. They share their love for the land, its produce, its people, all people. By providing snapshots of their daily lives, they hope to give a more human view of the situation.

They are tired of the hatred that pervades even the most basic interactions in their lives. They see one another as equals and want all people in Israel and Palestine to enjoy the same rights to live there. They refuse to be enemies.

They have created the blog Another Voice to show how deeply committed they are to a culture of peace and sharing. For two years they have talked about daily life in an occupied land, putting different perspectives and experiences together. Everyday, they open a window for us on a land people know too little about. But mostly, they open a window on hope.

Another voice:


Claudia Landini
November 2016