…. to bring hope to the world


... to bring hope to the world

The Project

This space is A CALL TO ACTION FOR EXPATS We would like to invite you to increase your involvement in your local reality and participate in a community built to...

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The Story

The seed of What Expats Can Do was planted in March 2016, during Christopher O’Shaughnessy’s opening keynote address at the Families In Global Transition (FIGT) conference in Amsterdam. Claudia and...

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Our Challenges

“Essentially, empathy is the ability to be moved by the feelings of others” Christopher O-Shaughnessy. How can we be touched by the feelings of others if we are afraid of...

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Latest Posts

How to Build a Culture of Empathy in International Schools – and in our Lives

I wish I had met Lynn Kogelmann when I was in Peru, going through a difficult time as we landed with our 12 and 7 years old children.   Shortly...

What an expat can do to bring hope to Palestine

Expats are uniquely placed to spread a culture of empathy and understanding because their lifestyle means they are more likely to routinely adapt to new cultures. In Chris’ words “they...


Getting close to people is a chance to practice your empathy

I consider myself lucky because my husband’s work (the main reason why I have been living abroad for almost thirty years) brings me close to a wide community of people...

Empathy knows no borders: The story of Elsabie in Peru

We have decided to publish the story of Elsabie because it has been a great opportunity for Claudia, while she was living in Peru, to test her ability to empathise...



About us

Cristina Baldan

Cristina has lived on 5 continents and 7 different countries (Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, France, Australia, Italy, Canada and The Netherlands). She is deeply interested in topics linked to multiculturalism and encounters amongst different people and she lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Christopher O’Shaughnessy

Christopher is a passionate and versatile author and speaker who uses a unique blend of story-telling, humor, and provocative insight to engage a wide array of people on topics ranging from Third Culture Kids and the effects of globalization to building community and increasing empathy.

Claudia Landini

Claudia is the founder of Expatclic.com. A cross-cultural trainer and coach, she has lived in countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and is at present in Jakarta, Indonesia, from where she continues her work to improve the life of expat women all over the world.

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